Re: SBS 2003 Win XP/2000 Pro Clients TCP/IP Problems

From: John Harris (
Date: 08/05/04

Date: Thu, 5 Aug 2004 20:50:54 +1200

Hi Steve,
Don't know if I can help you (and probably telling you to suck eggs) but
there's only a couple of suggestions/observations I can make.

1. NIC's shouldn't get hot the way you say it is, try swapping this out
(maybe a 100Mb card until things are working).
2. I presume you have removed the NT4 PDC (and BDC if present) from the
network and no DHCP services provided by any machines still on the network.
3. Check all machines for DNS entries. They should only be using DHCP
provided DNS settings.
4. Check IP settings on XP machines including Advanced settings.
5. Disconnect all machines from any domain and set their settings to a
workgroup before putting them back on the network.

It really sounds like a IP Address conflict the way the server stops
responding but who knows these days?

John Harris (Harry)
Computer Troubleshooters - Hornby
New Zealand
"Steve" <> wrote in message
> Hi there
> A desperate plea for help follows (lengthy, I'm sorry), any
> suggestions are welcome!
> I have recently built a Windows 2003 Small Business Server, with a
> Gigabit LAN card to replace an NT 4.0 PDC in an environment with 25
> PCs, 3 of which are running Windows XP Pro, the rest 2000 Pro.
> I built the server at my office, applied all service packs using our
> internet connection, tested the Domain and network connectivity using
> our own switch and a couple of our computers (converting them to the
> new domain name as necessary), and everything worked perfectly.
> Last week I took the server to the environment it was intended for to
> be greeted by complete disaster - every time one of the PCs from the
> old Domain was switched on while connected to the same switch as the
> SBS 2003 box, it would stop talking on the network altogether (no
> pings, no nothing).
> Although, my own Tablet PC (XP Pro) ran absolutely fine and would log
> in to the Domain with no problems?!?!?
> I eventually came to the conclusion that having named the new Domain
> the same as the old one may have been causing problems, put there old
> PDC back, and went back to the drawing board.
> 2nd attempt was with a different domain name. Which brings us to
> yesterday.
> Similar result!
> The first machine I tried to convert to the new Domain was an XP Pro
> machine. Same again, as soon as XP got to "Preparing Network
> Connections", all communication from the Server ceased.
> I tried several things: Using netsh to reset TCP/IP, rebooting,
> disabling and re-enabling the Local Area Connection - all to no avail.
> Again, my own Tablet PC would connect with no problems.
> I don't know if it's relevant, but every time the network connection
> on the 2003 Server stopped, the only way to get it working again was
> to reboot, and even then it would sometimes take several attempts.
> So, I decided to change the Subnet of the Server to a completely
> different one, and suddenly, the XP Pro machine would pick up an IP
> address and log in!
> We then started converting the 2000 Pro machines to the new Domain,
> and transferring their emails to Exchange etc.
> Then we came to the 3rd XP Pro machine, and as I switched it on, it
> got to "Preparing Network Connections" - and everything stopped
> talking again. Things could still ping each other, and the Router, but
> not the server. The strange thing was, the 1st XP machine I converted
> happened to have hung while transferring a large amount of data to the
> server in around the same moment - maybe one was as a result of the
> other, but I'm not sure which way around.
> If I switched off all the XP PCs, and just switched on a 2000 PC, no
> problem, but as soon as an XP PC got to "Preparing Network
> Connections", network stopped.
> What I noticed along the way was: The Gigabit LAN card was getting
> VERY hot to the touch - it's not my experience that LAN cards get very
> hot at all, maybe I'm wrong.
> Also, I have since brought the SBS 2003 Server back to my own office,
> and converted some of my own PCs (Win XP Pro) to run on it, and a 2000
> Pro PC I'm building for someone, and they all work absolutely fine.
> Again, I am very sorry for the length of this post, I wanted to make
> sure you knew all I knew.
> I would really appreciate any suggestions at all, this is becoming
> quite embarassing for me in front of my client!
> All the best
> Steve
> My REF