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Date: 04/10/04

Date: Sat, 10 Apr 2004 01:22:51 GMT


Check within "Server Manager" fax(local)\Devices and
Providers\Devices\"name of your modem/device" right click on the device and
go to properties and insure that Send faxes is checked. You also might want
to verify that your modem/device is on the Microsoft Hardware Compatibility
List (HCL) and that you have the most current device driver.

You could also turn on Session logging and see if that reveals any thing:

 All session log settings are located in the registry under

Providers\{2172FD8F-11F6-11D3-90BF-006094EB630B} and can be modified as


0 = no log
1 - Log all sessions, successful and failed.
     If you enable this option, consider increasing default maximum value
for the log files stored
2 = Log only failed sessions. This is the default selection.


100 = The logs of the last 100 outgoing sessions are kept. Default is 100.


102,400 - Maximum size of a single log file, in bytes. When the maximum
size is reached, this is indicated by a log entry. No more log entries
will be written to this file. If the MaxLogFileSize key is set to 0, then
no maximum limit on log size is applied. once the max size is reached, the
log will have a line saying "Maximum log file size reached", and then
logging to this file will stop. The file will not be delted. Default
value is 102400 bytes (100KB).


%windir%\system32\LogFiles\Fax\Incoming - This is the default location of
incoming session logs folder


%windir%\system32\LogFiles\Fax\Outgoing - This is the default location of
session logs folder


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