Re: Publish Terminal Server in SBS 2003 AD

From: Tobias Redelberger (
Date: 03/09/04

Date: Tue, 9 Mar 2004 18:57:50 +0100

Hi Chris,

> Are you saying that the TS server has showed up in the RWW before, but
> isn't showing up now? If so, what changes were made between the time that
> the TS showed up and now?

No it never was showing up before.

> To me, it sounds like a problem due to the fact that you didn't install
> 2003 using the supported method, but rather added it to an existing
> What if you DCPromo the TS server down, then disjoin it from the SBS
> network, then join it back to the SBS network using the "Set Up Server
> Computers" wizard from the To Do List. If you wanted to re-promote it to
> become a DC at that point, that would be fine.

Exactly this advice was given to me before by Dirk-Thomas Brown. But this
would be the very last thing to do, because "Never touch a running
system!!!"; would be to risky if go wrong.

There MUST be an easier way to (re-)publish the Terminal Server's Services
into AD, isn't it? It can't be that hard to say to AD "Hello, here am i" ..

The thing what makes me perplex is that the Terminal Server also (beside
RWWs "Connect to my company's application sharing server") isn't (and
wasn't) showing up in:

  "Remote Desktop Conncetion --> Browse for more. --> Domainname.intern"

neither, even before integrating SBS2003 in the AD-Structure.

The Terminal Server was switched to Application Mode AFTER promoting it to
an AD-Controller and BEFORE integrating SBS2003.

Anyone can help?

Tobias Redelberger

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