Re: Bizarre remote access problem

Is it always the same machine which fails, or does the first attempt
succeed and the second fail?

This problem can be caused by the DSL router at the branch. Some of
these will only allow one PPTP connection to be made. They do not usually
warn you of this - the second attempt just fails, as you describe.

"Baz" <bazz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have two computers on a branch network, needing to make remote access
(PPTP) connections to a Windows 2000 Server. One of the branch computers
can connect successfully, the other gets error 721 - the remote computer
not responding (although it has connected OK in the past).

Both branch computers are running W2000 SP4. They both connect to the
internet through the same DSL router/gateway, which has no
workstation-specific firewall rules. I have checked every single property
of the connectoids on the two computers, and they are identical in every
respect. The router log at the head office shows exactly the same thing
regardless of which remote computer attempts to connect, namely a PPTP
match i.e. a successful passthrough, so it looks as though both of the two
computers' connection attempts are getting to the server. For the failed
connection attempts, there is nothing in the server event logs.

Surely by the time each connection attempt reaches the server they would
appear to be identical, regardless of which branch computer they
at? Why on earth would one of them fail and the other succeed? All
suggestions gratefully received.