Re: IP change for Windows Servers

Hi, Mr. Robert,
Thank you very much for your advice. I did go ahead with the IP change after taking necessary precautions.
All went on fine.
Thank you
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The ISP tech is correct that the VPN client and server should not be the same IP range. After changing the IP addresses in the LAN, make sure you have correct DNS settings.

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hi! Everyone,

My name is Hari . Someone Pl help me resolve the below issue ASAP.I
wasn't sure which group would be best to post this. Iam sorry if it's
inappropriate for some of these groups.

We have 3 HP servers running windows server 2003 R2 since 4 months at
our office,
. 1.Domain Controller (Sgp001 -

2.Exchange 2003 Server (Sgp002 -

3.File Server (Sgp003 -

The servers are assigned static IP's. The IP range Iam using is

We have an ISP who is providing internet and VPN access. We use I-pass
(dialup) to connect to internet and use Net-screen from Juniper networks for
VPN connectivity. When we do VPN thru I-pass (dialup) everything is OK and
users are able to access their Emails. But when users try VPN thru broadband
from their residence or other places where the internal IP range is similar
to the office 192.168.1.x then we are facing a problem.

The Net-screen software says 'successfully connected' but nothing happens
and users are not able to access email and the file server at the office.

When I put this issue in front of the ISP - he says I have to change the
internal IP range to something unique because since the home and office
networks have the same IP range - VPN doesn't work. I tested VPN from my
residence by changing my home router IP to 192.168.1.x - it did not work, I
then changed it back to and I could access my file and email
server and retrieve Emails. So I decided on a range (10.73.83.x) which I
feel is unique.

I now need to change the internal IP address for my office. I have never
done this before to any network, I don't know how the servers would react to
this change. They are new HP servers which have been running since 4 months

Can you please assist me on how to go about this change? What are the
precautionery steps I need to take ? If you require any further info, Pl let
me know, as I need to resolve this issue ASAP and get VPN thru broadband
available to users soon.

Thanks & Regards