Re: computer lost the correct security identifier (SID)...

In news:uyOiNFMLGHA.516@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
ivanvalles <ivan@xxxxxxx> typed:
every time I logon recive this msg. at the EVENT VIEWER

The computer IVANVALLES tried to connect to the server \\SERVER using
the trust relationship established by the TALLERBORINQUEN domain.
However, the computer lost the correct security identifier (SID) when
the domain was reconfigured. Reestablish the trust relationship.

the login is sucessful and the login script connect the "server
shares" to my machine but I have to wait like 15 to 20 seconds to
finish the login. This problem does not appeard in Win98 Stations. (
yes we have a few).

atteched an image of the Event viewer

thanks for any help

So, this is on your workstation, right?
Is SERVER a domain controller?

What has changed since your computer joined the domain? You may need to
disjoin/rejoin the domain.

Win98 doesn't have issues like this, because it can't join a domain and has
no security whatsoever.