Re: specified network name is no longer available

From: Dean Landry (
Date: 04/13/04

Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 09:00:09 -0300

After moving ports around and changing ports away from Auto settings I
finally ended up putting the two machines on one Cisco switch (seperate
VLANS). So the traffic leaves the switch, goes through a PIX firewall and
then re-enters the switch to the other vlan. Could this be the issue?
Surely a copy should work accross the PIX?


"Ken" <> wrote in message
> It appears we are having the same issue in regards to
> moving large files, 1 GB+. We are running Windows 2003
> Std and Windows 2003 Appliance edition. After an
> unspecified amount of time the file copy the file copy
> errors out with network resource is no longer available.
> We can not tie this error to any type of network outage.
> We have the particualr servers setup with static WINS
> entries and both have proper DNS entries. The one server
> has 2 active NIC's in it one going to an internal public
> network and the other goes to an internal private
> network. The other server has 2 NIC's only one is
> enabled. Both of these are HP/Compaq servers. We have
> tried switching port speed and duplex, and also have
> switched to different cables and different ports in the
> switch. The only thing that I do notice is that while
> the copy is in porgress both NIC's appear to be maxed for
> network utilization which makes the server seem
> unresponsive through RDC. But on the other we have been
> getting this when with low network utilization as well on
> the 2 NIC server. Any other ideas?
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> >Hi Dean,
> >
> >If the connection fails using the IP address as well
> then I would tned to
> >think name resolution will not be the issue. If it is
> sporatic and from
> >all clients, then I would suggest looking at the NIC
> properties. I would
> >set the duplex and speed specific to the network (ie.
> 100 MBps full
> >duplex). You may also want to check the port where the
> server is plugged
> >into, maybe change ports or try a different piece of
> hardware. Using a
> >different NIC in the server may also be worth trying.
> >
> >You may also look into security settings on the server.
> However, if this
> >was an issue, I would think the issue would be
> consistant.
> >
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