RE: ADMT v3 profile questions

Hello John,

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From your post, based on my research, I have not found any similar issues
reported. Anyone else has any experience sharing?

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| From: "John R" <jsr^^^813@zoom^^^>
| Subject: ADMT v3 profile questions
| Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2007 10:51:06 -0400
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| Hello,
| I have browsed this group, and checked, but I can't seem to
| find info on this issue. Maybe someone here can point me in the right
| direction.
| I am testing an upcoming domain migration (inter-forest). Domain A is
| native, domain B is 2000 native.
| I have a workstation in domain A. I create a user in domain B. I log on
| the workstation in domain A using the domain B logon. This creates a
| profile on the machine called username. I make profile changes. I
| and back on, and the profile is accessed correctly.
| I then migrate the user from domain B to domain A.
| When I log on to the workstation in domain A using the migrated user
| in domain A, XP Pro SP2 creates a new profile called username.A.
| I have verified that the SID history was migrated (via both the migration
| log and also using ADSIEDIT), and SID filtering is disabled between the
| domains, although at this point the second domain is out of the picture
| since I have a domain A user logging on to a domain A workstation.
| I assume, although I now need to test, that if the workstation originated
| domain B, and was also migrated that this would not be an issue since the
| ADMT agent would have made changes to the profile.
| Should I have expected the domain A logon to access the old profile, or
do I
| have a basic misunderstanding?
| One more note, I renamed the username.A folder to username.A.old, and
| renamed the username folder to username.A. Upon logging in using the
| A user account, I was able to correctly access the profile so I do not
| it is a permissions issue.
| Thank you in advance for your time.
| John R