Re: Win2008 Datacenter Edition and VMware

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Hello everyone;

With win2008 Datacenter Edition i've an unlimited number of virtual
I assign this license on every physical server.
I can use unlimited number of vm only with hiper-v or also with

From here:

Q. Do the virtualization licensing rights of Windows Server 2008
apply when used with non-Microsoft software virtualization
A. Yes. The use rights apply regardless of the virtualization
product being used. However, any non-Microsoft software
virtualization technologies are not supported by Microsoft.

The non Microsoft virtualization technologies part is outdated now.
There are several third party virtualization products that are now
MS supportable (version and configuration dependant).

They're not talking about the ability to run Microsoft operating
systems under third party virtualization platforms - as you rightly
point out that has been possible for years. They mean that, in the
event that you have problems with your virtual machines, Microsoft
will not support virtualization platforms other than their own.

Interpreted that as "MS won't support the VMWare hypervisor", no problem.
I've had too may say the MS OS running in the virtual machine won't be
supported either.

Just for clarity then;

The following articles should be referenced for current supportability

I did actually read the articles referenced by my first link, and completely missed the reference to the SVVP programme! My bad...

Chris M.