Re: 2008 r2 evaluation version to a full licensed version?


by the way,

Win2008 Server R2 will be availlable in x86 ?



"Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]" <meiweb@(nospam)> wrote in message
Hello Frank,

If this is the RTM version you should be ablt to use the system
properties, scroll down to "change produckt key", add the full licensed
key and activate the software.

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Is it possible to in place upgrade the 2008 r2 evaluation version to a
full licensed version?

according to the download site: "you will need to uninstall the
evaluation software and reinstall a fully-licensed version of Windows
Server 2008 R2."

yet elsewhere I see that Windows Server 2008 R2 RC to Windows Server
2008 R2 RTM In-Place Upgrade is supported

We are able to pre-purchase the licences, so obviously we don't want
to uninstall a good setup if we get one going