Re: Domain Controller cannot boot up after restoring the system st

Hello Bobson,

The article will not help you that way it just clarify the supported way from MS.

Acer Fekay [MCT] wrote this article, DO NOT FORGET, UNSUPPORTED WAY:

Moving hardware, or changing hardware, or restoring to new hardware

Restoring to different hardware is one of the most difficult tasks. However,
as a trainer, prior to the courseware's current use of VPCs, we used top
setup the classroom machines with an automated setup. However depending ont
he size of the class, it can take some time. To shorten the setup time, I
used Ghost to ghost an image of specific machines to get the class setup
started. However, where I used to work, each classroom had various brand
name machines.

I developed a system using the following article. This works for Windows XP,
Windwos 2000, and yes, Windows 2003. Create that MergeIDE file as described
in the article, apply it to the reg, and follow the instructions to copy the
specified files into their proper location. It forces Windows to scan for
new hardware at time of boot, therefore allowing you to bring the machine up
with whatever motherboard hardware type it is, basic VGA, IDE, keyboard and
mouse. It does not work with NIC, sound or specific video drivers, unless
Windows already has the driver built in.

For SCSI drivers, such as a PERC, etc, as long as the target machine has the same type of controller, or you move the controller to the new hardware with the drives, such as with RAID, and this of course depends on how different the target is, in their respective locations, it will work.

The point of this is it will allow you to at least get the machine up and running, then you finish off with NIC, video, etc. Just apply it once, and as long as you backup the whole C: drive, and a System State backup (I do them together in one job), any backup that you try to restore C: drive and the System State, you can restore it to something different and it should boot.

If Exchange is on it, and the full C drive restore and System state backup doesn't work, then after you get the machine running, restore your Exchange backup, which of course an Exchange Info Store backup should not be on the same backup job with the System State job.

You Receive a Stop 0x0000007B Error After You Move the Windows XP System
Disk to Another Computer

Test it!

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Hi Meinolf,

Thank you for your response (as usual)! Does it mean I can fix the
restore problem by following the 249649 article?

Rather than using the official method...any other tools you have tried
without big risk to migrate one server to another?

Thank you again!


"Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS]" wrote:

Hello Bobson,

What you see is expected, it is not supported to use system state
to install to different hardware.
Check this for AD backup and restore:

Also it is recommended to have 2 DC/DNS/GC per domain, for backup and

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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Hi everyone,

Thank you for your help in advanced.

I do this to try to validate my backup. Here is what I did.

There is a domain controoler I backup from. C drive has the OS
System partition and D drive has the Sysvol and NTDS directories.

I use the system state backup from the domain controller and restore
it on a different box by using Windows backup program (the one comes
with the OS). It did not work. The server keeps rebooting.

I thought...hmmm....maybe the System States does not specically tell
the original sysvol and ntds is on D drive. So I restore the two
folders on the test box first before I restore the system state. But
the result is the same.

I would like to ask what step I missed in order to restore the test
box to run as the domain controller? What should I do in order to
restore the domain controller correctly?

Thank you very much for your help!



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