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I also came across the list of products at the wikipedia site:
but at this stage I guess what I really want are your recommendations
on which product you use and why.

Keep in mind that a lot of people cannot use SFTP from where they are
because either their FTP Client can't do SFTP or the Firewall or Proxy
Server doesn't have the Application Filters to decrypt/encrypt the SFTP
packets in order to maintain the FTP port complexities of the connection.
So SFTP is only a reasonable solution if you control both ends of the
connection environment.

Here are samples of the problems of FTP, even regular FTP, only gets
worse with SFTP. The Firewall product in these articles is MS ISA Server,
but similar issues can arise with any firewall product.

How the FTP protocol Challenges Firewall Security

Solving the Secure FTP [SFTP] dilemma with ISA Server 2004 and 2006

FTP Client Access from a Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA)
Server Network

Active mode FTP client programs cannot access an FTP server from behind
Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004;en-us;884580

You would be better off with an SSL Web site which can easily do downloads.
The uploads can be done with web site componenets developed with Java or
ActiveX. may have abilities of uploading with componenets included
with it.

Phillip Windell

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