Re: Spooler service stopping on Windows Server 2008 Terminal Serve

I am having a similar issue. I have a customer running Windows Server 2008.
They have two printers/copier/fax machines both Toshiba. They are connecting
via a network Card. They are located in two seperate geographic locations.
The remote location connects via Terminal Services over a VPN. When they are
connected and printing. The print spooler service shuts down randomly. This
only occurs while connected via terminal Services. The main office has the
same exact printer and works great. Please Help!!

"Thee Chicago Wolf" wrote:

I've recently run into an issue with a client who is running Windows
Server 2008 as a Terminal Server. What is occurring, is the print
spooler service is stopping, with no errors or warnings. Restarting the
spooler service allows printing to continue.

The client is accessing a Foxpro based program, and we are using Remote
Application for the remote users, rather than a full desktop. The
server is up-to-date on Windows updates.

Other clients, connecting to an identical Terminal Server, running the
same application, in the same office, have no problems with the print
spooler stopping.

Any thoughts?

Whenever I hear of this issues on server 2003, I usually tell people
to check and see what the print processor is on the client and server
side. Haven't tried things on Server 2008 but I would imagine not much
has changed in MS land with this. Do a properties on the printer on
the server side, click the Advanced tab, if there's a Print Processor
button click it, if this hasn't change since 2003 server you'll likely
see Winprint and some other options as "Print Processor" options.
Check and make sure both client and server are set to Winprint.

HP's and a few others always hijack this processor and use there own
print processor which I find to screws up even the simplest of things.
Give it a shot and let me know how it goes.

- Thee Chicago Wolf