Re: Searching File Server for User Permissions

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I strongly suggest you *not* use individuals for permissions - use AD
security groups. You can create a special AD security group called
Folders Access Only" or whatever....set permissions /add it to the
it needs, then add/remove/modify membership as needed. Anything else is
unnecessarily complicated, even if you do it with a batch file.- Hide
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Thank you for the advice. I was recently hired at this corporation,
and I'm working toward exactly as you stated. I'm going to end up
creating hundreds of security groups (simply because of the size of
the company, and the need for it). But to do so, I'm going need to
find these users in the thousands apon thousands of folders. So I'm
using this script to find them all. Thank you for the advice though, I
should have stated exactly what my reasoning was.

Im also doing similar excersizes with cleaning up old computer accounts,
users, permissions are on the agenda too.

Have a look at a very useful tool - dumpsec - which is now offered free -
i've been running various reports with it today - it should give you plenty
of options and is very straight forward.