Re: Scheduled Task Hanging

"Kayda" <blairjee@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

I have also posted this question in microsoft.public.access but
thought after the fact that I should post here as well.

I have an Access macro that I schedule using the Task Scheduler in
WIndows 2003 to run once per day. When the time comes, Access opens on
the desktop, queries are run, the Access window closes. However, in
the Task Scheduler it still says "running" and in Task Manager it
still has MSACCESS.EXE. The code itself is simple, I just issue a
"Quit" in Access, which works in a sense because it shuts the window.

So from a windows newsgroup/task scheduler perspective, is there
anything I can do to ensure the msaccess.exe process is killed after
it is finished?


No, there isn't, because the task hangs under Access, not under
Windows. Log on to the machine under the same account as the
one used for the scheduled task, then watch when the task runs
so that you can see why exactly it hangs. You will then know
what to do to let it finish its job. I strongly suspect that you have
a permissions issue or that you are relying on mapped drives
that do not exist.