Re: Disk Bottleneck

Herb Martin wrote:
Hey i have been reading the microsoft's windows 2000 resource kit about
detecting disk bottleneck, but i have a hard time understanding it
if how to determine if its a disk bottleneck and not just a paging
can anyone shed the light for me :)

What is pages per second running on average? If that isn't high,
e.g., >20 pages per second more of less, then you almost certainly
don't have a paging problem.*

Be sure to use PAGES per SECOND, (not "page faults".)

Usually we eliminate memory (paging) first.

*A better measurement is Pages/Second X Second/Transfer.

If this is less than 0.10 (10%) then you are likely ok on paging.

Well the average on the PC that im measuring is less than 20 but sometimes
when it gets really busy its average is 50 and going over 100.

and why not measure page faults?

where can i see this X Second/Transfer.

also what are the indication of a disk bottleneck?

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