Re: Prevent Mac user from accessing folder

"Femi" <fembo@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Is there a way to prevent a user who uses a Mac and a PC from accessing A
folder from her Mac?
My first thought would be no however...

If you give a user access (account + permissions on objects likes shares and
files with NTFS) then you cannot control what OS they use to exercise that

With the proper software users can authenticate explicitly from machines
in other domains, or running arbitrary operating systems that might not
even be capable of being in a domain, e.g., DOS, Win9x, Unix/Linux,
Macintosh, etc.

You can filter out the IP of the MAC vs. the PCs if you can reliably
the ranges, but that would be for EVERYONE, and might not be possible
if you use DHCP to assign those IPs (and wouldn't be totally secure anyway
as someone might just change their IP [with enough privilege] to the
range if they live on the same wire/subnet/broadcast-domain.

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