Re: Slow communication after Windows 2003 SP2 installation

First, I would try and removing my vista machine from the domain and rejoin.
Hopefully that will take care of the authentication against a windows 2003
box. As for your server, was this an upgrade to R2 or did you completely
reformat and reinstall windows 2003? I hope you reformatted and


<ahs.bakker@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I installed Windows 2003 R2 and tried to connect from a stand alone
Vista and XP SP2 computer to the server. The server is also stand
alone (no DC etc) and for both machines the communication was good. I
could connect an administrative share (c$) and do mstsc without any

Then I installed Windows 2003 SP2 and after a reboot only my Windows
XP SP2 machine can communicate without any delay. When I try to
connect to an administrative share from my Vista Business machine
there is a long delay before I have to authenticate and after
authentication every click causes another delay. When I connect to the
servers console (mstsc /console) there is also a delay in every click
(LAN-LAN). This is not the case when connection from my XP SP2

All machines are stand alone and not participating in any domain.

Can anyone confirm this and / or tell me how to resolve this?