Re: R2 vs SP1

I don't know who told you that. Win 2k3 SP1 is the exactly the same as the
first disk in the R2 set. Once you install the first disk of the R2 set on a
computer you have a Win 2k3 SP 1 computer exactly as if you had installed
Win 2k3 and downloaded the SP 1. The second disk is just some improved

We had a bunch of Win 2k3 SP1 servers that were installed before R2 came
out. The only thing we had to do was update the schema on the domain from
the second disk and run setup2 on the existing Win 2k3 SP 1 servers to make
them R2.

Just run adprep from the second disk of the R2 set and you can then run
setup2 from the second disk of the R2 set to install the updated features on
any existing or new Win 2k3 SP1 server you want to have the updated features


"flash" <flash@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
This site has the feature comparison from SP1 to R2

I phoned MS Sales and was told in order to get a Windows 2003 Server SP1
this current version R2, I would have to perform a complete reinstall of
as there is no upgrade path.

Is this true? Is this worth doing and why or should I just wait for SP2?


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