Re: Check profile size from server..

Pegasus (MVP) skrev:

Probably with a simple batch file of the form

echo %date% %time% SomeUserShare >> c:\Profile.txt
dir \\YourServer\SomeUserShare | find /i "file(s)" >> c:\Profile.txt

If you mean 'SomeUserShare' is my profile 'root', it returned only a few megs (the number of bytes occupied by the profile folder pointers).

When I set 'SomeUserShare' as one of the user profile folders it returns 'file not found' - because of the profiles' security settings.

This is the point of my question: I know that the admin has no access whatsoever to the profile folders (without taking ownership) but I hoped there was some nifty way to retieve the size of alle the files and folders inside a user profile...

regards geir