Re: Event Log Monitoring

But what counters/objects do you select in Performance Monitor? I want to
monitor the logs for specific events, but cannot find an object/counter that
allows me to do this. All I find are threshold options, as in greater or
less than x.

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Hi !!!
You can use Performance Logs & Alerts to monitor on Remote server also.
it wont notify u by email.
U can set the alert to send you a network message or run some specific

For sending a mail need to check on internet.


"tfenner" wrote:

Is it possible to do this with Performance Logs and Alerts?

<tfenner> wrote in message
I want to configure my Windows 2003 server to email me if it registers
error in any event log. I know there are plenty of event log monitoring
software packages available, but wish to do this using whatever builtin
methods are available so I do not have to install more software on my
server. Is there a way to do this?

If not, please recommend your favorite utility for doing this. Please
order your recommendations in the following manner:
Free-->Cheapest-->Cheap-->Not so cheap

Thanks for your help!


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