Re: Event ID: 1 - "This Server will die in seven days!"

Ring is a horror movie ( and its main
theme is that those watching a certain "cursed tape" die in 7 days. Now,
this event is indeed something to worry about - it could be a virus or worm
and you should run whatever antivirus you have to make sure that your
computer is not infected.

You may find additional information about the "Bang!" source by opening
regedit and navigating to:

and see where are the event message files located. Then browse there and see
if the files in that location provide some additional clue about this
application. Download the Process Explorer from and
verify if there are any processes initiated by this application.


Adrian Grigorof

"Asa" <asa.margetts@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Not that I know of - but it's a Company server so other administrators
may have.

What is a RING DVD please?



Chris wrote:
Have you played any "RING" DVD's on it?

asa.marge...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Hi all

I have found an alarming event error on my Exchange 2003 Standard
server under System - it has:-

Source: Bang!
Event: 1
User: administrator

When you open it, it says:-

"This Server will die in seven days!"

"For more information, see Help and Support Centre" (which goes no more

Any ideas?!