Re: Win 2003 system disk damaged - Clone system disk using Norton Ghost??

Hello, I have determined (so far) that the best option would be to use the
backup tool Windows comes with, performa a backup and then restore it on the
new drive...

Does anybody know hoe to *easely* do that?
...Or may be other alternatives?

thanks in advance,


"Camilo" <camilo_arango@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió en el mensaje

I had a Win 2003 server with two physical disks configured as mirrors. The
mirror disk stopped sync because the master disk reports physical errors;
however, it stills works fine.

I need to clone the disk before it stops working. I mounted it in another
machine togheter with a new disk exactly the same one (Maxtor 80Gb) in
order to clone it using Norton Ghost. When trying to use the "copy MBR"
option, I get an error. Without it, the copy goes fine, but when trying to
boot the copy I get a Active Directory Error which prevents from starting.
It reboots in Active Directory Repair mode but its unable to solve the
problem, so the system is unusable.

What should I do? Is there a way to copy the system into another disk?
Since it still works fine, I can copy it, boot it, etc.. I just want to do
something before it suddenly stops responding.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help,

Camilo Arango