Re: Install asking for drivers from floppy

"T. Reinholtz" <T. Reinholtz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The reinstall process/system restore disc on a new Dell Poweredge server
asking for a driver from floppy. There is no floppy installed so the
cannot be loaded. Is there any way that I can manyually load the driver
an install directory? If so, where should I place it?

I got the new storage server 2003 r2 and "experimented" on it and now need
to restore back to factory specs/install and do the setup correctly now
I have learned some ins-and-outs of what I am doing.

There's an option in the BIOS in my PE2850 and PE6850 to allow USB keys to
emulate floppy drives - maybe worth a try?



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