Re: How to find out who is using a file on the server

"Greg" <someone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:efSmfK2YGHA.1192@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am working remotely and I want to take exclusive use of a file on our
Windows 2000 Server but at least one other person has it open.

What service or program do I use to determine who is using that file right
now. I am used to Netware, where I could go into ConsoleOne and see what
files are open by user or what users have a particular file open.

Does Windows have the same ability? I can't believe it doesn't.

Right click on My Computer, choose Manage. Go to Shared Folders in the left
tree, and then Open files. You'll see a list of files in the right hand pane
with all the details on who has them open, and you can close a connection to
a file if you need to.