Server 2003 - No access to other subnet

Hi everyone,

Forgive me if this is considered trolling or OT but I believe this is a
simple question.

I have a 172.16.x.y network setup with two different subnets x. On
subnet #1 I just upgraded an IIS server from 2000 Server to 2003 (SP1)
Server. Every client on subnet #1 can access this fine.

However no one on subnet #2 can see the 2003 Server. Further, I can not
so much as ping any computer on subnet #2 from my 2003 Server setup
even though other computers on subnet #1 can. However I can ping other
sites like and handily.

So it's not an IIS problem or a port blocking thing. Pinging isn't the
only thing; the 2003 Server won't recognize subnet #2 in any capacity.
Its subnet mask is

My 2003 Server currently has no firewall and that service is even
turned off. Nothing in the security policy strikes me as limiting an IP
range. I've tried all I can think of or find on the web.

Any thoughts? Thanks!!

Josh (joshbolian@xxxxxxxxx)