RE: SmartCard Your credentials could not be verified.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting!

Please help me know if all the clients encountered this issue£®

Based on my research, I would like to suggest you refer to the following
article to enable smart card:

281245 Guidelines for enabling smart card logon with third-party

Additionally, I would like to suggest you try the following article to
resolve the issue.
329433 A Revoked Certificate Is Selected If a Certification Authority in
the Chain Has Two Certificates;en-us;329433

Hope the information helps. If there is anything that is unclear, please
feel free to let me know.

Thanks & Regards,

Jason Tan

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| Howdy People,
| Can someone point me in the right direction i'm trying to setup smartcard
| login but i keep getting the error message "Your credentials could not be
| verified. "
| In the event log of the client PC i get "The client has failed to
| the Domain Controller certificate for %servername% . The error data
| the information returned from the certificate validation process.
| your system administrator to determine why the Domain Controller
| is invalid."
| How do i find out why the cert is invalid?
| Thanks in advance for any help.
| Regards
| Paul Mckenna