TS services terminated unexpectedly

I've posted this in the Terminal_services group, but have had no joy so
thought I'd drop it in here too:

I have a Win2K server with Terminal Services installed in Remote Admin mode.
In the last week or two, I have encountered problems connecting.
Investigating the Event log turned up an error with Event ID: 7031 from the
Service Control Manager stating "The Terminal Services service terminated

This seemed to occur after disconnecting a session. I have configured the
service to restart if it falls over so I can usually persevere and reconnect
without having to trek to the server itself however I would like to know
what's causing this and how to fix it. The server runs SP4 and is fully
patched. It functions as a web & FTP server but isn't accessed by many
users. I can see no evidence of a virus or that the server has been
compromised by hackers.

Any suggestions warmly received.