Re: How can I delete "Account Unknown" local user profiles?


Thanks for the link. That gave me an idea that these three "Account Unknown"
profiles possibly should not be deleted in the first place. Although I can't
determine what services they may or may not be associated with, I'd rather
err on the safe side and assume these are OS related. I'll leave the mystery
to Microsoft and as long as all is running smooth (except for the pesky MOM
alerts) I'll live with these mystery profiles.

thanks again for trying to help on this one.
Sandy Wood
Orange County District Attorney

"Daniel" wrote:

> Sandy Wood wrote:
> > Thanks Daniel. I got right to it and was able to download and run it on my
> > server. The only thing is, now, delprof.exe doesn't see the 'Account Unknown'
> > local user profiles to be able to delete them. I wouldn't be too concerned
> > about them except we're running MOM2005 and the MBSA Mgmt pack keeps alerting
> > me that one of these profiles has unsecure IE settings.
> >
> > Any ideas on how to brute-force delete the profiles?
> you can use delprof to delete all inactive profiles on the computer.
> Failing that, as a last resort you can just delete (or move) the folder
> under Documents And Settings.
> Also, see this -->
> Maybe try deleting it in Safe Mode?
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