Re: Odd quirks with video acceleration

From: Arek Iskra [MVP] (
Date: 09/22/04

Date: Wed, 22 Sep 2004 20:26:41 +0800

Before you do make a call, check out the Windows Catalog for server
platform, to see if the video card is supported. Good luck!

Arek Iskra
MVP for Windows Server - Software Distribution
"Adam" <> wrote in message 
> Thanks for the suggestion, though.  Looks like I might have
> to break down and actually go through the enterprise level
> server support on this one, as it's the second time I've
> tried the newsgroups. *shudders at the resulting bank
> account balance*
> Thanks for the help,
> -Adam
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>>Ok, I thought your Optiplex shipped with GeForce by
> default. And I agree it
>>is strange they don't offer 32-but version of the driver.
>>Arek Iskra
>>MVP for Windows Server - Software Distribution
>>"Adam" <> wrote in message
>>> Arek,
>>> Nope, this isn't a dell preinstalled card, actually, so no
>>> dell drivers for it.  What's really odd, to me, is that
>>> nVidia does offer Server 2k3 64-bit drivers, just not a set
>>> for those of us with a puny 32-bit processor, like myself.
>>> -Adam
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>>>>Have you tried to grab video drivers from Dell website? I
>>> am not sure if you
>>>>will be able to get one for Windows 2003 Server for this
>>> model, as I don't
>>>>think it was designed to run server OS. But it's worth a
>>> try :)
>>>>Arek Iskra
>>>>MVP for Windows Server - Software Distribution
>>>>"Adam" <> wrote in message
>>>>> While running Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition,
> I've
>>>>> run across an odd bug on my setup, that I can't seem
> to get
>>>>> rid of. For some reason, when I enable full video
>>>>> acceleration on the system, the video resources on the
>>>>> system will essentially run out every 2 and a half days.
>>>>> I'll no longer be able to have any background loaded, nor
>>>>> will other visual aspects be able to load properly,
>>>>> including "skinned" programs using anything besides the
>>>>> standard windows appearance.  The system is running on a
>>>>> Dell Optiplex GX260, with a GeForce 4 MX 440 video card.
>>>>> As troubleshooting steps, I've attempted swapping out the
>>>>> video card, motherboard, ram, and processor, all to no
>>>>> avail.  The system is currently using the most recent
>>>>> Windows XP drivers from the nVidia website, but the
> problem
>>>>> also exhibits itself with the drivers from windows update,
>>>>> just with additional quirks.
>>>>> If anyone happens to have any idea on what I can try from
>>>>> here, it'd be GREATLY appreciated.
>>>>> Thanks,
>>>>> Adam