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Date: 05/01/04

Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 20:52:50 -0700

Ive got ports 79 to 82 forwarded to the .101 which is the
same one Ive got 21 to 22 forwarded to.
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>Which ports do you have forwarded?
>What port is the website running on?
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>"Zeke" <> wrote in message
>> I am running windows 2000 advanced server. Outside
>> cannot access the web site. I also am running the
>> through the linksys router. Users are able to access
>> ftp site. I have forwarding enabled for the ports I am
>> using, I have the dhcp enabled starting at .102 with
>> server computer to obtain .101, I dont get it, the ftp
>> works just fine, cant figure it out, please help.
>> you.

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