Re: Conditional Forwarder Master Servers lack DNS suffix

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We have our 2008 domain trusting their domain abc.local. On our DNS, we have a conditional forwarder to their domain abc.local. We have entered three masters servers as provided to us, and believe these to be correct. In our trust, these appear as DCs and DNS Servers, and their naming convention is consistent with DCs. But under Master Servers on the domain entries properties under Conditional Forwards in DNS Manager, where it lists IP Address and Server FQDN, their server names only appear as hostnames, without the DNS suffix of their domain. Shouldn't this in fact be the FQDN?

I'm not sure if this is a symptom, but when first opening the conditional forwarder's properties, the servers appear one at a time, each in turn after a ten to fifteen second wait. That just doesn't seem right.
Greg Stigers, MCSE
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You will need to add abc.local to your server's and all machines on your side as a Search Suffix.

I forgot to add, that it may be possible that on their end, their own servers may not be registered correctly in their own Nameservers tab in their DNS server properties. But the search suffix on your side will be necessary for your client side resolver to properly devolve queries that may possibly be in their zone.