Re: Secondary zone not loading from master

Herb Martin wrote:
"Andrew Zirkel" <andrewzirkel@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:%23gwfqr%23EHHA.1248@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I created a secondary zone on a 2003sr2 server (not a DC) and pointed it to my primary, which is a DC for the same domain. The master is configured to allow zone transfers to anywhere. However when I create the zone I get an error which says zone not loaded by DNS Server. It also says "The transfer of zone data from the master server failed." In the event log I get an error number 6525.

Check Firewalls AND "serial number" on the SOA
record of the zone (this latter only matters IF you have
replictated it at least once.)

If it has never replicated then firewalls and the "allow
zone transfers" (you already mentioned) need to be

Watch out for intermediate (routers etc) firewall, personal
add-on firewalls (Zone Alarm etc.), and the included
XP-like/Basic (RRAS) firewalls, as well as IPSec issues
if you ever THOUGHT about using IPSec before.

I don't have any firewalls set up or filtering. There is no third party software on the machines, as they're production servers. The boxes are on the same subnet and there are no routers between them.

When I open the dns manager and click reload from master, nothing happens. No events are written to the log on the server and events don't show up in the event log each time.

Andy Zirkel