Re: Non authoritative domain on Windows Server 2003


You could create a zone called "" and then within
that zone create a blank host A record (same as parent) pointing to the
relevant internal IP

Then your server would only be authorative for the zone "hostname.domainname.
com"and any records within that zone (such as the same as parent host record
you need)

Only drawback to this is you have to create a separate DNS zone for each host
and a same as parent record but it works



Chino wrote:
If I understand you correctly you want that your internal DNS server
resolve your public domain to the private IPAddress, correct?
If yes all you have to do is to create an
Primary Zone, and create the records that point to the private internal Ip
address of your Domain.

Yes, this is what I want to do.
If I create a primary zone with one record for each server pointing to the
private IP address, will my DNS announce itself as authoritative to other
DNSs in Internet for this public domain?
I don't want to do that, because the public domain is owned by our provider
and it must remain the same.
Please confirm, and thank you very much!

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