Abount DNS confioguration on Windoss 2003 Server

Hi ,

the scenario is :

- 1 MS DNS server autoritative for the zone "Myzone.com" that forwared the
other request to the other DNS (view under)
- 1 non MS DNS (unix bind9) autotitative for the zone "Otherzone.com"
- 300 client Windows XP

I must configure a MS DNS to resolve same record of zone "Otherzone.com"
(that i insert in to MS DNS) as local address but for the other address for
the same zone (Otherzone.com) must be forward to a non MS DNS that is
autoritative for this zone.

How i can do it ?

I ask to a unix sysadmin and his tell me that it's possibile in unix dns
with a "view" or with "create a zone as record" , can i make the same on my

I try to create ancother zone on MS DNS called "otherzone.com" but if a
client must be resolved another record non in this zone on MS DNS the MS DNs
not forward to a unix DNS. (becouse have the zoen and then are autoritative
for this zone ?)

Please help me.

Thanks to all.