Re: Strange DNS Issue


Internal DNS clients have to point to the internal DNS that can resolve the
AD domain. You should not have any external (read ISP) DNS servers configured
on clients (servers are clients too). On the server there should be a
forwarder to your ISP or you use root hints

Have you checked that the forwarder configured correctly?

The fact that you can sometimes ping a client by name sometimes not....from
that i assume you can always ping by IP

Are all clients registered correctly in DNS, have you tried stuff like
clearing the cache on both servers and clients

An IPCONFIG/ALL from both client and server would help

Good luck



Sharad Naik wrote:
>On workstations, was any alternate DNS server configured? If yes, then it
>may happen that workstation names are sometime resolved and sometimes not.
>Is win 2003 server multihomed? If yes ensure that win 2003 DNS server bound
>to both internal and external IP addresses, or atleast to the internal IP
>Further post unedited results of IPCONFIG /ALL from the server and from
>one of the workstation.
>>I have setup a client wiht 1 windows 2003 server and 4 workstations.
>> Everything was working fine for about 2 weeks. The client called and said
>[quoted text clipped - 10 lines]
>> dante

Simon Whyley
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Comptia A+ (lol)

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