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From: Roger Abell (
Date: 04/03/04

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 23:57:56 -0700


I might be seeing what is happening here even though I am
unfamiliar with this VPN product. It sounds to me that the
VPN client software they are having you use is not able to
receive the WINS address info from the VPN server (or the
VPN server does not provide it). Whether their VPN client
will reflect to the user its Tcp/Ip stack config, i.e. with such
as nbstat, or not, may be part of the issue here.
With the MS client side VPN connectoid it is possible to
sepecify Wins and Dns server IPs or whether to accept the
ones provided by the VPN server. Evidently their product
does not offer this option ??

After you have edited in the lines to the Lmhosts file and
executed nbtstat -R then when you use nbtstat -c you should
see the names in the cache. If not, make sure that the Lmhosts
file did get stored with no file extension in drivers\etc directory.

Roger Abell
Microsoft MVP (Windows Server System: Security)
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"Dave" <> wrote in message
> The SBS 2003 Server is the DC for the domain and I am
> running wins.  This setup works great when I am using the
> hardware solution (Watchguard Firebox 1000 and their SOHO
> 6tc).
> When I use the muvpn software client for creating a VPN
> Watchguard suggests that I change the lmhosts at the
> client.  This will allow be to sign-on to the domain when
> I establish this software vpn.
> When I initially start-up the client remotely I was
> expecting lmhosts to load-up in memory.  When I establish
> the vpn I would then be able to connect to the domain.
> When I look at the cache memory I don't see this
> configuration loaded.