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Windows 2003 server, sp2.

I created a new user yesterday the same way I always do.

I then login and back out as this user to create the profile the same way I
always do.

The profile is stored on a network share "Profiles$". I put the profile
path in the user's profile tab, like I always do.

When I try to log on as this user, I get an error message "Cannot get to
Path\user\Desktop, access denied" when it tried to build the desktop.

I have changed no GPO's, I enter the user the same way I always have.

Now, when I go to check the Profile folders, logged on as Admin, it gives me
the "Access denied error, but you can take ownership".

I have always had a GPO that give admin's full access to profile folders.

So I take ownership and give Admin and user full permissions.

Log back in as this user, same thing.

Run gpupdate /force, same error, restart DC and Workstation, same error.

Same error, same error, same ERRRROOOORRRRRR.

So, I go through and delete the profile, redirection folders, anything and
everything tied to this user name.

I go into AD and delete the user.

Ahhh, a fresh start.

I re-create the the user with the same user name. Same error.

I create a NEW user with a different name the same exact way, works fine
(although the admin permissions are missing on this new users profile folder
as well, the user can log in normally).

There has to be some "trace" of this user name stuck somewhere in AD, and
I'd like it gone so I can use this user name for a user.

Any ideas how to purge the mystery user name hidden deep in the confines of



Did you also create an Exchange mailbox for this user?

Does it work from another workstation, or just having problems on this
one specific workstation?

How long did you wait after you deleted the account and all its traces
before trying again?

How many DCs, domains and Sites in the infratructure? Maybe it's a
replication issue or replication delay, and if you deleted it on one
DC, and when logging in, it's using a DC that hasn't received the
change, it can do this.

Also, if you recreate the user in AD, and it doesn't give you an
error, then that means it was gone to begin with. That's one reason I
asked if that recreated user account works from another workstation or


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