Re: How to restore Active directory in safe mode

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I got some problem with my SBS2008 server, i cant login to it with the
administrator login and also with any login.
i went through safemode and i can login with my admin login. I cannot see
any user and groups in the SBS console, if i try to add a user the error
"An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host." I cannot
any user.

I am using SBS as Domain controller in a virtual environment, where i have
two other windows 2008 standard running as application server. All the
connect through RDP with user credential provided by Domain.
I checked Active directory sites and services the error is "Naming
information cannot be located for the following reason. The server is not
Two other 2008 servers dosent run active directory.
I am using Xenserver.

I want to get back this DC.
I want to disable if any of the other servers is trying to disable SBS DC.
I can add users once again but i want to make this SBS as DC.
I cannot login normally i can go only through safe mode.
I cannot login through RDP, am using XENCENTER to manage the servers.

Please give a clear solution
Thank you

As suggested, you will be better off posting the SBS2008 forum, since SBS
has it's own nuances and specifics that are different then non-SBS servers.

However, from your description, it appears it could be a *simple* DNS issue.
However, you haven't provide any specific other than the symptoms. An
ipconfig /all for starters from the SBS would be very helpful.

I haven't used XENCENTER, however my feeling that it relies on the SBS DC's
health and configuration.

I would also suggest to try Paul's suggestions.


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