Re: What are the risks of virtualizing DC's ?

There's no specific recommendation without knowing your environment. If you already read documentation regarding to this type of solution, I', sure that you already know the basic considerations and possible issues that you may encounter. Gather all info and analize it carefully before decide if you should or not to virtualize your DCs.
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"JR" <JR@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:13E1227B-68B9-4793-AA85-BE9CF5B3E034@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am planning the design of a new 2008 domain infrastructure. I will migrate
my exisiting domain to it (24 DC’s, 2500 users). I will have one dedicated
forest root and one global domain (4 DC’s to start with). I am considering
virtualizing some or all of the DC’s. My question to you is do you recommend
virtualizing win 2008 Domain Controllers with Hyper V?
I have been reading pro’s and con’s to virtualizing DC’s. What do you
experts recommend?