Re: Windows 2008 DC in Windows 2003 domain = slow logons , warning long story

Thanks. I have another thought. I used the adprep folder from the Windows
2008 SP1 64 bit disk on the old domain controller which is Windows 2003 SP1
32 bit. It seemed to complete fine but could there have been any issue using
the adprep from a Windows 2008 SP1 64 bit disk??


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Hi Ace and thanks for the reply.

The plan is to dcpromo the old server after we verify full functionality
of the new server wanting to make sure everything worked with Windows
2008 64 bit. I am just surprised in the slowdown of logons with the old
DC off the network as I thought that the domain client would try to use
the other and only new DC in the site after it was discovered the old DC
was no longer available after a short period of time but not only after
several minutes.

Thanks for the info on changing SRV records in that it needs to be done
in the registry.

Both servers/domain controllers appear as name servers for both forward
look up and reverse zones so I am not sure what is up with that but I
don't believe that is the issue anyhow.

The only other thing I am noticing is a frequent warning in the
application log on the new server about a Group Policy preference issue.
It reports that a setting is not working though all the domain computers
have the printer mapped via that policy.

"The user 'RICOH Aficio MP 4000 PCL 5e' preference item in the 'cyberbond
{D69EF6A9-16F6-47ED-8549-24BF4031DCBE}' Group Policy object did not apply
because it failed with error code '0x8007007b The filename, directory
name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.' This error was suppressed."

I appreciate your advice to simply dcpromo as that makes me feel better.
I though that maybe there was some Windows 2008 specific issue causing
the problem. I will reply back results after we dcpromo proably this


No problem for the advise. I also suggest to demote it, then work on the
errors later. Some of them could be because of the different OS (not sure
what else was done with the 2008 install), etc. So demote it, then let's
work on the errors.