Re: Please help refresh my memory on AD DC

Hello Mr. Weber,

Thanks for the update. That is some awesome info. Yes I have worked with AD
before but not for a long time and not in a large environment. When I did
work with it. It was when Server 2003 came out and I was using it on a small
scale. Even then I was a little confued on the naming conventions. That is
the reason I posted so I could get human intervention. I am very familiar
with DNS as the 9 servers are a small hosting comany. We have a few DNS
servers serving zones for public sites -but not an AD DC setup. We are
looking to host MS Dynamics CRM and this is feaure requires AD.

You carified a lot for me. Thank you very much!!.

I realize that the DC controlls the entire network except that I will only
be using one Master DC. I do think that you are correct I need to do a little
more reading on the permissions sections as there is a domain user and then
there is the local machine user.

Also when I promoted this Server 2008 box it did somthing that was not normal.

It made me change the password from the old

Let me explain. I had a saved Icon on my Desktop of my Laptop for WEB308 and
it was set to RDP in automatically. Ok fine. When I did this I got the prompt


my old password did not work however as you mentioned since this is now a
DC would the only logon be a Domain logon or would the option to logon
locally still exist in this DC?

However after realizing out of the blue that the netbios was changed for me.
I then approached the logon as such:

old password

and it made me change the password Don't know why but I got passed that part.

I then saw the WEB3080 as an option to logon to with my Laptop so I am
getting my memory back on this. Correct me please if I am wrong...

The Domain administrator has the rights to add a PC or workstation/server to
the domain. However this does not mean that there is a user from that added
machine in the domain users. It is just on the Domain network...?

in order to add the server or pc I would have to have a user on the domain
to logon to the domain . This would be added by the Domain admin account on
the DC.

Example: Server 2003 box as a user admininstrator and a password this is now
a workstation. Then it is a added to the Domain by the domain admin. When it
is rebooted the newly added Server 2003 machine would have the option to

1. logon Locally
2. Logon to the domain.

to Logon locally I would use the admin account of the Server 2003 machine.
to Logon to the domain I would use the AD DC Domain admin account to logon
to the domain. Unless there was a user specified for this server added to the
Domain User accounts.

Yes I will read up a bit on this.

Thanks for ALL you help!!


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Hello Joe,

See inline.

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I am currently using a workgroup infrastructure with 9 servers and I
am in need of changinf it to a AD DC Domain infrastrucrture. However I
am a little rusty in some areas. I have 4 Server 2003 Enterprise
machines and 4 Server 2008 Standard machines. One Linux but that
doesn't matter.

1. When I created the domain I used the same name as the server and
caused the installation wizard to change the NetBIOS name from WEB308
WEB3080 The Original name for this server was
when I was asked for the FQDN I entered the same thing. This is what
the NetBIOS change as it told me to avoid conflict with the DC.

If you promote a server to Domain controller, there is no renaming of the
computer. As you said you have to specify on the first install the full qualified
domain name (FQDN) you like to use. In your case you choose,
after that i pops up with the Netbios name which you can choose your own,
the suggestion is always a part from the FQDN in your case it uses "web3080".

2.Ok so when I rebooted the server and it rebooted as a DC I could no
longer access the server by the old administrator password as it was
as so
I now had to change the password but not for WEB308 it now was

As said before the name of the computer is not changed during promotion to
a DC. I assume you mean the logon window with USERNAME, PASSWORD and the
"LOGON TO" which now shows only "web30380", the Netbios name of the domain,
this is NOT longer the computer name as on a workgroup server. On a member
server of a domain for example, you have two options under "LOGON TO", the
"NetBios name" of the domain and the "computername(this computer)".

What I am struggling with is there are so many names that I am unsure
is the DC and which is just the NetBIOS.

On a domain controller you have ONLY the Netbios name displayed, in your
case "web3080". You can NOT logon locally, like on a member server.

On a member machine, either server or client, you have "web3080" AND "computername(this
computer)". With "web3080" you are able to logon to the domain with a domain
user account and with "computername(this computer)" you have to use user
account, created on the local machine.

I kinda figured that out as I tried to access old shares that still
had WEB308 as the label . But when prompted I had to use the new
WEB3080 and the new password for access.

See above the description about domain logon and local logon.

Part two:

Now I have always been confused about what SHOULD you use as a DC
FQDN? I looked in the DNS of the DC ans now thefull computer name is

This is correct, your servername is still "web308" as before and is now working/providing/serving
for the domain "". The FQDN is now correctly ""

The domain is specified as So when joining
the other servers and boxes the name that I should enter is this one

If you join other machines to the domain, you can choose either the netbios
domain name "web3080" or as you said the FQDN, both should work.

Now that the AD DC was created successfully I wanted to test the
with my XP Pro Laptop
I used the network ID method on the myComputer Properties Computer
Name Tab.
Here is where I get lost.

Correct place for joining, here choose the CHANGE button and on the next
window, you have the option domain and workgroup. Choose domain and enter
either the netbios or FQDN.

I joined the domain successfully however I joined the domain using the
administrator and password of the AD DC Server (which I understand is
for the correct rights to add) and it successfully joined but it asked
to add
this user which was me on this XP Pro Laptop. My username and password
this Laptop.
It failed when I said yes.

For joining to the domain you have to use an account that has the right to
join computers tio the domain, the Domain Administrator in your case is the
correct one. A username/password from the local computer will not work, because
this is local and not known from the domain.

I rebooted the XP Laptop and then when I went to join the domain is
paused and looked for a list of domain controllers. It found WEB3080.

Don't know whjat you mean with "paused" but after reboot you have on the
"LOGON TO" option NOT a domain controller to connect to, it is the domain
where you have to connect to and this is shown with the netbios name of the
domain "web3080", so this is complete correct. Additional you have the option
to logon locally to "computername(this computer)".

That confused me as I thought that the DC was now

Correct, the DC is still having the computername "web308", but as said before,
you do not logon to the domain controller, you logon to the domain and a
domain can have multiple domain controllers which share one database that
is stored on all DC's and updates itself automatically.

However I logged on as the administrator of the domain controller and
was it.
OK fine.
So the real questions lie in the user part of this. thanks for you

When I go to add the other servers what do I add them as? Do I join
the domain for the other servers with just the administrator of the

As said above, it must be an account that has the right to join computers
to the domain. The Administrator of the first installed domain controller
is now shared on all domain controllers and different from the local administrator
on member servers and workstations.

When you built a domain you have a domain administrator which is on all Domain
controllers the same. That is different form member servers and workstations,
they still have the local computer administrator.

Or do I create a user for each server and then log them on?

No, if you have a domain, you make it normally to use only domain user accounts
centralized managed from the domain controllers. There is no longer a need
for local user accounts on servers or workstations.

Did you read about building a domain structure before? Do you have any experience
with it? Anyway, it sounds that not, so start reading about Domain controllers
and active directory and DNS to find some basics. Managing a domain is not
as easy as to install it. If you configure it not correct you have lot's
of problems.

I would strongly recommend that you built a domain for testing with Virtual
server, so that you can learn about, before using it. Also you should think
about joining a basic course for Active directory or read some books and
test with them.

Thanks very much for this wordy question.