Re: Filtering on a Security Group to Apply a Group policy

Tina - if that's the case, the security filtering should allow you to
accomplish what you need...


"TeeCee" <TeeCee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Yes, I am out of the box Active Directory administrator and I work in a
unique environment where our development team has so entwined Active
Directory into their applications that anything I do is more serious to
things than their doing things. This is the design. So, instead of
an OU - I need to use the already created OU's to attach a new Group
to and make sure the Group Policy is only applied though to certain
in this OU. And I do this by creating a security group and adding the
to that security group that I want to apply a small script to that it
affect other parts of the OU objects?

"Marcin" wrote:

Tina - refer to
Keep in mind that, regardless of security filtering, GPOs are linked to
containers in AD hierarchy (sites, domains, OUs) - not to groups...


"TeeCee" <TeeCee@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Instead of applying a Group Policy to an OU, what is the proper way to
it to just a security group of users or computers to ensure the policy
applied to any other computer or user. If you have a good article. I
reading about how to apply but does it really work without affecting
computers or users? This is because moving users or computers in and
of a
specific OU that has policy's attached to it causes custom applications
break that are tied into Active Directory.



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