Re: DCDIAG confusion

"Laura E. Hunter [MVP]" <laurahcomputing.nospam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
The "49 entries" error can be safely ignored - this is referring to old
entries from restored DCs that are being ignored by design (as they should

Does the EventID have any corresponding event string listed in DCDiag?
Open up your System Log - there should be corresponding error events there
that should give you more information. That number looks very much like
the errors that occur when you connect using Remote Desktop and the server
doesn't have the drivers for your local printers. If that is the case, the
error isn't anything to worry about.

In addition, System Event log errors will continue to appear in the DCDiag
you clear that log.

If you have read, recorded (or saved), and tried to correct the system error
you can savely delete that log and re-run DCDiag to see if the messages
persists in the output.