Re: How to use a User template to create a user from the command l

There isn't a copy command, you would have to script the creation to copy the attributes from the template. That is what ADUC does in the background.

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Hoop_Junkie wrote:
Thanks for the quick response. Would really be nice to "copy" a user account from the command line. Maybe someone else has an Idea.

"Herb Martin" wrote:

"Hoop_Junkie" <HoopJunkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:31F6797A-B3C2-417E-A253-84AEEF5F1C0E@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have templates created for different user types. I would like to create
new users, using the already created user templates using "net user" or
"dsadd user" or any other command line utility. Is this possible.
Let's see what others say but I am pretty sure you will need to convert your
template user to a set of script instructions where you call it by filling in the
new info and the script supplies those defaults.

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