Re: GPO problem


Are these machines all XP machines that are having this issue?
Try taking a look at the following articles

No Password Expiration Notice Is Presented During the Logon Process;en-us;Q313194

Description of the Windows XP Professional Fast Logon Optimization

I have a good feeling this will resolve your issue

Harj Singh
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SF wrote:

We have 2 Window 2003 AD servers (native mode), one Exchange 2003
server (native mode).

Password policy is users are required to change their password every 2
months, and they get a notification window 5 days (at the log on
screen) before their password expired.

Most users turn off their machines at the end of the day.

Problem: Users didn't get a notification to ask them to change their
password 5 day before it expires, so they continue to log on to the
domain normally until they check their Exchange mail or access
resources on server.

If their password expired, Outlook (2003) will give them a challenge
window and ask them to change their password. However, this doesn't
work as users can not change their password here. Users also can't
access any resources on file server. They have to log off and log back
on to the domain, and this time, they will get a promt window to ask
them to change their password. Once they are in, everything seems
funtion normally.

My question is what is the problem? Is this a GPO issue or something
else? What do I need to do to solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.