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In MOST cases you are some cases you are not. In the case of LDAP, take a poorly written app the requires a ip address entered for the LDAP host...or in the Kerberos case, device that depends on a krb5.conf I know that I could add additional kdc entries to the krb5.conf file, but I don't care to manage that on a large number of devices. So, do you have any information that would address this scenario, or a constructive reply to my original question ?

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Joe Richards [MVP] wrote:
You shouldn't have to for LDAP nor Kerberos, there is load balancing and redirection built into the product.

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Geoff wrote:
Hello everyone

Has any here used a Hardware Load Balancer device such as Cisco Arrowpoint to load balance AD Kerberos? We currently do it for AD DNS and AD LDAP, and I'm investigating doing it for Kerberos as well.

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