Re: users and computers - oddness


The advanced feature certaily reduces the number of panel to 7 tabs on the
second server.
But even then, 'Delegation' still has its own panel, and on the other server
only a single checkbox in the general panel?


"Joe" <Joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
In ADCU mmc you can select Advanced this will show additional tabs - I'd
there first.

"Adrian Dev" wrote:


I have 2 virtual AD installations in my LAB.

Both versions of C+U Dialog say version: 5.2.3790.0

If you pop up 'Properties' on a computer account:

One server displays 6 tabs positions and Delegation appears as a single
checkbox on the 'General tab'
Other server displays 9 tab positions and Delegation has its own panel.

Yet the 2 servers are allegedly running the same version of Windows 2003

Has anyone any idea why there is an difference between them?

thanks in advance, Adrian