Re: primary domain controller is down


Adding to other's valid responses, you sould know that there isn't such
thing as Primary Domain Controller as you had in Windows NT.

You should also make sure that any other server roles that were performed by
the demoted DC are transfered to this new one. DHCP,DNS,DFS,WINS,etc.
Overview of Active Directory Objects That Are Used by FRS

I hope that the information above helps you

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Jorge Silva
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"Marco" <Marco@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
hi all,

for the beginning,i apologize for my english.

my primary domain controller is down, i lost my backups.
my secondary domain controller takes place the place but it is not seems
be the primary domain controller?

I have differents questions?
What can i do?
Must i promote it as primary domain controller ou is it by default because
the primary domain controller is down?

il lost the schema master.
What can i do ?
instead of transfer i must seize the roles is it?
But how because seizing it find anything?

What is the procedure by step in this situation,it is very important and
critical manipulation.

thanks for your help