Re: delegate privileges in another domain in another forest

Not sure what the need is for a Universal Group. This is a forest trust so
they are in seperate forests.

I haven't tried this specific angle but you could try creating a local
domain group and making the members of the other forest members of this
group. Then make this new group part of a restricted group withiin a gpo
and provide that the group is a member of the local admins.

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"Jorge Silva" <jorgesilva_pt@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Create Universal Group, make it member of Domain Admins of the domain that
you want to administrate, then make the "others" Domain Admins members of
that U.G.

Active Directory data that is stored in the schema and configuration
containers is replicated to every domain controller in the forest. Since
changes to the schema and configuration containers will affect all domains
in the forest, administrative control for forest-wide changes should be
entrusted to highly trained or experienced administrators. All domain data
contained in the forest root domain should also be regarded as highly
sensitive data.

The following groups provide forest-wide administrative control in each

. Enterprise Admins

. Domain Admins (in the forest root domain)

. Schema Admins

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"George" <George@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
We have two forests with two way external trust enabled and working.

I need to allow our domain admins here to have domain admins privileges
the other domain that is in another forest. Since domain admins is a
group I cannot add groups from other domains...

How should I do this? How can I add domain admins from the foreign domain
to all local admins groups in domain A for all workstations?